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Don't worry, my old ways haven't changed. Although after watching his key note, I'm taking the position of defending Bjarne Stroustrup. Not that I'm endorsing C++, just that he isn't the problem. That video has many mind blowing comments that are worth writing about, so check back soon for a follow up. Other topics I'm slowly writing on that will eventually make it here are historical perspectives on memory management, my development lab, cross compilation, and eventually a review of George Dyson's latest book, Turing's Cathedral. Also I'm working on a podcast about networking history as perceptive for IPv6.

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C User space Development (2012)

Presentation and demo sesssion given at LinuxFest Northwest. PDF Export comming soon. Link to the resources. I'll also put the demo files up here soon.

LAD Tools: take 2 (2011)

Un updated vervsion of this talk was given at South East Linux Fest.

Video of this does exists, but hasn't made it to being posted yet.

LAD Tools (2011)

First public presentation about LAD Tools was given at Texas Linux Fest 2011.

Link to pdf export, and mp3 audio.

presentation screen shot

Unicode (2010)

This talk was given at Texas Linux Fest 2010 in coordination with Mark Greene. Some of the topics include: creating new font characters for use in private unicode address space, why UTF-8 is the greatest thing since slced bread, how internationalized text is rendered in a cross platform perspective, keyboard escape sequences, etc.

Link to pdf export.

presentation screen shot

Open Source Libraries (2008)

This sample of cross platform open source libraries usable in commercial applications, was shown at Birmingham Tech Mixer U 2008. Some areas include: vector graphics, raster graphics, networking, encryption, database, and vizualization.

Link to pdf export.

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This inside joke wasn't really that funny to begin with, but hey you just can't run from the internet. Some mistakes should just be embraced.

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